That GOLDEN Moment, when I found my life purpose !

It happened today! I am super thrilled to share that the expression I’ve heard all along my adulthood – “Do what you love and love what you do” found it’s way into my life, I truly lived it today :). Of course, it’s beyond words, its that feeling when…. You are so happy that you could cry. Yet, since I cannot contain the excitement, I shall put this forth just as I speak to myself in my head. Today is when I took my first Yoga class as an instructor and I could feel the happy energy in every cell of my body, no exaggeration! Although it is a part of the Yoga instructor’s Course at SVYASA  yoga university that i’m currently pursuing and it is required of us to take a class for our batchmates to gain exposure, I loved every bit of it – the preparation, the research, contemplating on how to make the class interesting, adding my own style, the nerves just before the class and the actual session. All of it!

Having heard it many many times over in interviews, talk shows and books from experts, entrepreneurs and all those awesome people who found love for work, I wondered if it were ever true? The statement – ”Living your purpose”. It sounded too good to be true, often leading me think it must be fictional, a dream, a lie or just something too far fetched. Yet deep within, being a staunch believer of the power of thoughts, I hoped and prayed earnestly to the universe as I sought work that made me feel effortless and ecstatic all at once. I’ve dabbled in several areas of work in the past 8 years of experience –  healthcare, pre-sales, sales, client servicing, product management and most recent one as a program head, I can say it with certainty and utmost sincerity that Yoga is here to stay as a part of my life and in all likelihood my work life. I now completely comprehend all of those terms and phrases when accomplished ones said ‘Being comfortable in your skin’, ‘It comes naturally to you’ and ‘Find something you don’t wish to take a vacation from’. It has been an immensely gratifying day and I couldn’t be more at peace with myself.


It’s a new high!



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