About Us

I’d like to call myself a cheerful, light-hearted and a free-spirited being. I also have a side that’s the intense go-getter kinds although it’s been dormant for a while now. Currently, I’m kicking the dust dust off my shoes to soon and getting my hands on some amazing things which I shall keep updating on my blog. A sucker a great conversations; I love helping people find meaningful, relevant alliances and play a catalyst in their growth story. I hold a keen interest in nation-building social enterprises and would love to hear from anyone in this space.

I usually write on #socialventures #personaldevelopment #startups #events #entrepreneurship #travel #selfhelp #gardening #energyhealing #pranichealing #meditation #selfimprovement #spirituality

Meanwhile, my husband Amit seems to have invaded my blog while I had taken a break from writing. He’s an avid biker; always seeking adventurous terrains. Among other interests, he enjoys photography, philosophy and analysing behavioural patterns. Having worked together, I can certainly say I love his super-friendly style of leadership and his wisecracks that has everyone around chuckling. Amit is a tech-entrepreneur and founder at TechJini and UnoPay.

Amit blogs about #travel #biking #forests #sustainability #bookreviews

We’d love to hear from you guys. Anyone travelling to Bangalore, please write to us if you’re on the lookout for local fun-loving hosts.


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