Here’s what inspired me to blog every single day!

I’m super fond of Marie Forleo and how she hosts her talk show, besides getting the most amazing people to be with her on MarieTV. I chanced upon this video interview since i’m quite a fan of Seth Godin too. What caught my fancy was the title which said ‘The truth about finding your calling’. This is has been haunting me a couple of years now almost to the extent that staunchly believed the only time I could take off in my career and life is when I find my calling/ purpose/ name it what you like!

Having watched two days ago, I decided to sleep over the encouraging words by Seth – ‘One must blog/ journal their thoughts everyday’. Nothing new, we’ve heard from childhood yet journaling privately and sharing your thoughts with the world are two separate things. I lived with it for a day, contemplated for another day and made up my mind to dive into it. Starting today, I’m challenging myself to put up a post EVERY SINGLE DAY, makes me nervous declaring this even. Why am I doing this? Well, somewhere I feel I could have been a more awesome version of me had I been disciplined with what matters to me. So there are a few things i’m doing to being in that DISCIPLINE:

  1. Wake up before sunrise: Thanks to new pet dog and our new found love, Shera, I’ve become a regular at waking up at 5am. It’s beautiful to see the sunrise and i’m grateful to see a much gorgeous site than most of the city does, thanks to the lake a few yards away from my home.
  2. Yoga: I’m currently on the journey to become an instructor, training myself at a yoga university. The very first lesson in Yoga in to be disciplined. Every Asana, Pranayama, Kriya or the teachings of Yamas & Niyamas all point towards disciplining your body and mind to become the real YOU.
  3. Eating right: I’ve lately been reading and watching multiple books & blogs on nutrition. Rijuta Diwekar, the popular celeb nutritionist said in her book ‘Don’t lose your mind, Lose your weight’ that diet in not something you do for 10 days, 2 weeks or 3 months as promoted by most fad diets. Neither is it about re-wiring your body to entirely new ingredients that may not be available locally just because a Keto, Paleo or Vegan diet worked well for a certain segment of the population. And I totally resonate with this, although i’m still researching ti validate for myself a few other things she mentions in her book. Eating right is about doing it every single day, enjoying it and cherishing the fact that you are fortunate enough to nourish your body.
  4. Blogging everyday: Adding another to this list. May I have strength, will, dedication to live up to this.

It’s never too late to breathe in goodness in your life!