FAQ – Varsha Sutrave Wellness

1.   Why Varsha Sutrave Wellness (VSW)?

At VSW, our endeavour has always been to inspire people take up yoga as a way of life – as opposed to yoga as just an hour of ‘workout’. We focus on the deeper philosophy and science of Yoga along with a keen eye and detail for the refinement of asana practice. After all, we need to start with the grosser physical body to understand the subtler aspects of the body & mind.

VSW ‘s aim is to spark the joy of yoga in millions of people and help them develop their own personal and sustainable practice over time. We strive to help you manifest divinity and heaven within by practicing yoga every moment, in every breath to live life consciously, with awareness and be eternally blissful.


Yoga is a lifelong learning – a timeless wisdom which demands that kind of commitment.

Owing to the COVID crisis, most of our current sessions are conducted online. However, we often encourage our students to explore at least a few physical (in-person) yoga classes at a studio near them under the guidance of a good teacher. Online classes are extremely convenient – saves us time, effort and help us be more consistent as there is less barrier of stepping out-of-home. Having said this, some teaching skills like the art of seeing, observing,  understanding the minute bodily movement and the finer adjustments made by the teacher physically are more effectively achieved in person.


2.   How long should I sign up for (duration) to learn yoga?

This is subjective. You guessed right 🙂

Depending on how quick you are at observing and internalizing, by bending beyond the limitations of the body – each one takes their own time. A good approach is to check if you feel confident enough to practice on your own – after you get a bit of understanding on sequence of asanas to follow,  develop a practice that makes you feel energized to perform your day’s tasks efficiently and most importantly a practice that is safe – that doesn’t feel strained, tired or leave you injured.

You can check with us for good books to follow. We will advise depending on your level – beginner or intermediate.

You can also ask us for videos to follow on Youtube if your schedule does not allow you to continue classes with VSW. Your practice must not stall or regress once the joy of yoga has sparked within.


3.   Should I join 3 days a week or 5 days a week?

We believe in experimenting with our bodies, understanding it and then arriving at a hypothesis. So try both and observe the body, mind and emotions through the day. Start with what your heart instinctively chooses basis your schedule and other commitments. No rocket science this – try one, if it doesn’t work for you try something else – just like everything else in life 🙂

Even attending one class, once a while is beneficial! Of course, we always advise you to commit to a consistent practice to see transformation within (ask us for testimonials shared by participants over the past few months)


4.   What are the charges to be a part of the VSW community?

You just have to pay in terms of giving your time for enthusiastic participation with meaningful questions, worthwhile reflection and working toward uplifting others in the community.

There are no charges 🙂 In fact, we believe that the best things in life are available free of cost to each one of us – sunlight, oxygen from plants, power of choice/ freewill, nature.. and the list can go on!


5.   Why do I feel pain/ strain after yoga class some days?

There are several reasons for this:

  • Improper/ lazy warm-up (so, do your sukshma/subtle vyayam or yogic warm-up & sthula/gross  vyayam or yogic cardio properly)
  • Practiced the session with low energy/ improper sleep previous night
  • Non-nutritious diet / deficiency of essential vitamins & minerals
  • Not using all the body parts
  • Imbalances in right and left side / front and back body / upper and lower body
  • Not following instructions
  • Practicing with existing pain/injury without informing teacher
  • Practicing during mensural cycle

For all of the above, speak to your teacher and find out how to resolve. We will help draft a plan to work towards a healthier way to practice yoga.


6.   Should I join in case of injury?

Depends on the extent of injury. Ideally, we must allow the body to heal by giving it rest. Body uses it own intelligence to heal given the right environment. However, in case of minor injuries, resting the body part too much may lead to stiffness.

Speak to you teacher to find out if you should attend class. If yes, what to avoid. If no, what specific exercises can be practiced on your own so you can be back on the mat soon.


7.   Should women practice yoga during the mensural cycle?

Unlike the popular western belief that women should treat the mensural cycle as a regular day and go about usual activities, as per traditional yogic texts – women are asked to rest during this duration (basic tasks of the day are good enough) – at least as long as the flow is heavy – first 2-3 days. It’s your body giving you a sign to take it easy – not only physically but mentally & emotionally too – keep all your actions a bit relaxed.

Throughout the days of your flow, avoid the following categories of yoga postures

  • Inversions (viparita stithi)
  • Twisted asanas (parivritta stithi)
  • Abdominal asanas (udara akunchana stithi)

In simpler terms, avoid any strain on the abdominal region, avoid being inverted (head below the heart), extreme cardio exercises and deep twists (gentle twisting should be alright). You may modify asanas show during class according to your comfort. All movements should feel soothing. Simple stretches and Restorative yoga asanas are advisible.


8.   What is an ideal yoga wear?

Loose, comfortable cotton/ bamboo / natural fiber clothing is preferable. As teachers, we wear fitted clothing so it helps demonstrate the details of asanas. In Iyengar yoga, esp. the in-person classes, cotton knickers/shorts are worn with a ganjee/baniyan so the teacher can see the student’s muscle, joint, skin movement clearly. Online yoga has it’s own restrictions in this regard.


9.   What all classes do you offer?

  • We conduct online & in-person group classes (general yoga for adults – beginner & intermediate levels)
  • We also have a senior citizens batch in the mornings (beginner yoga for seniors). Soon starting evening batches.
  • Workshops on yoga philosophy on various topics. Few of them covered in the past, in India & abroad are:
  • Yoga for a healthy mind
  • Discover your true potential through Yoga
  • Meditation on Twin Hearts
  • 10 day Meditation Masterclass
  • Corporate yoga for Healthy gut, Immunity boosting yoga, Yoga for stress & fatigue, Restorative Yoga and so on..
  • Chair Yoga sessions

            And many more..

            The community will be notified of upcoming new batches & workshops 🙂


10. Tell me a little bit about the teaching faculty.

We are currently team of 3 teachers who handle our core sessions. Guest faculty is invited for specific topics of their expertise. Although, certifications do not matter much when we choose teachers at VSW, a know-how is always good. We are always on the lookout for teachers who strive to make a difference in the lives they touch through Yoga.


Anusha Rajanna

An Investment banking Analyst turned Yoga teacher/Entrepreneur! Teaching Yoga is her simple way of spreading awareness about self love. With a whole list of hobbies from Carnatic Music, Kathak to Trekking and Making natural soaps/cosmetics, she is someone who loves variety and believes in going with the flow. Hence most of her Yoga classes also reflect my personality of creating a flow/Vinyasa.

Anusha currently handles the morning senior citizen batch. She has completed Master of Science – Yoga Therapy, SVYASA university and RYT200  from a 1000 Yoga.


Shabana Safdari

A fun loving Yoga instructor and therapist, always enthusiastic about life and a nature lover.

She loves to help her students explore their body, mind and soul through her yoga sessions to embrace their limits and beyond. Fitness is her passion, and teaching is her first love.

Shabana has handled corporate yoga sessions for VSW in the past and currently takes therapy and morning sessions along with Anusha. She has completed Yoga Instructors’ Course plus a Post-graduation diploma in Yoga Therapy, SVYASA and Advance Acupunture Training, Svastam.


Varsha Sutrave

Yoga for Varsha is a perpetual journey to find one’s true nature. Through yoga, she seeks to be a catalyst in helping people thrive & be the best version of themselves by adopting a holistic yogic lifestyle, thereby contributing to make the world a better place.

With this in mind, she founded Varsha Sutrave Wellness – a community of holistic wellness enthusiasts keen to seek the wisdom of yoga beyond it’s physical aspect of the asanas and apply the learnings to everyday life.

Varsha has completed Yoga Instructors Course (YIC) with SVYASA, Advanced Teacher Training Course (TTC) with Aanandam Yogashala, Bangalore and Yoga for Antenatal Care by Lakulish Yoga University. She has currently applied for PhD in Yoga however the COVID situation put things on hold.