DayLog: 8th Oct 2016 : Seeing off Dhruv

  1. Installed Givi XS307 Tankbag
  2. Dhruv (cousin) was riding from Bangalore to Pune so went to ‘see him off’  🙂 Beautiful 300km ride

Started from Electronic city, took NICE road and exit at Tumkur road. Crazy traffic at the exit of NICE road, lots of trucks trying to get on AH47. Traffic was lot worse on the other side, 4-5KM long jam. Saw multiple group of bikers taking off, I guess this being long weekend everyone is taking a break.

After Tumkur said goodbye to Dhruv and I decided to take district/village roads back home. Ride was beautiful till Ramnagra, crossed atleast 10 lakes. I wanted to do some offroading to get some confidence with this heavy bike.

Some Pics from the ride:

Found two issues after the ride.

  • Can’t find bluetooth option or the icon, its totally gone. Must be some electrical fuse.
  • Looks like breakoil is leaking.

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