DayLog: 16th Oct 2016 : Off-road training and first Multistrada fall

As I mentioned earlier, I have started some self training to get comfortable with the weight and height of the bike. Did some village roads last week but it wasn’t challenging  enough.

Plan for the day:

  1. Choose some incline ‘no-roads’ and remove the fear of doing it with heavy bike.
  2. Experience some ‘no-roads’, gravel, loose stone roads etc with a pillion
  3. Don’t get hurt and hope for minimum damage to bike 🙂
  4. I chose few villages near Bangalore. State and district roads in this area are very beautiful. Narrow, tarred road with fields on both sides and occasional lakes. You can leave the main road and go towards villages and within few hundred meters there will be no road and frequent up and down hill. I took Google Maps Terrain view to choose small hilly area.

Planned map: Planned route

Actual map: Google Map Link Actual route


  • Started around 7:45, plan was to start 6:30 but Rajneesh got delayed as roads were blocked around MG road for a marathon.
  • Dropped bike once. I just tried a difficult climb and was stopping the bike to park, was turning the bike (choosing right surface for stand) probably applied front brake little too much, lost balance and just couldn’t stop the fall. Bike was almost at 0 speed. Height and Weight of the bike, once it starts falling I just can’t recover. No damage done, thought of picking it up alone (as I learned from youtube 🙂 ) but it was too hot and were were tired so I didn’t attempt. Rajneesh helped and it was REALLY HEAVY.
  • Note to self: If I was in little speed I would have broken the hand-guard for sure.
  • Section between B-A and C-D was the real off-roading.



Unnecessary detour


Dead End

Dead End : Location

Training Ground

Training Ground : Location


To go or not to go

To go or not to go


Gravel Road

Gravel Road : Location




RecceI almost fell here. This was a scary patch so we practised twice

Rajneesh easily paddling away his bike whenever there was a difficult patch, lucky him :)

Rajneesh easily paddling away his bike whenever there was a difficult patch, lucky him 🙂

Oops! no road

Oops! no road

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