Varsha and myself taking keys from Prasad

Welcome Ducati Multistrada 1200S

After almost 5 months of google, forum discussions, visiting showrooms etc finally our Ducati is home. Welcome Multistrada 1200S 2016.


We visited Bavaria Motors Pune on 5th Sep, met Prasad and Vistasp. The whole experience was 10 times better than Bangalore.

  • We went on multiple rides. Condition of bike at Bavaria Motor was so much better than what I rode at VST Ducati, Bangalore.
  • Prasad and Vistasp answered most of our questions patiently.
  • We were there for almost 2 hours and they were very politely attended to and gave due regards to all our requests.
  • Having test bike, service bay, accessory storage, display all at one place was huge plus. (Bangalore VST should consider moving out of a mall).
  • Vistasp was kind enough to show us every accessory I asked for. He either pulled from the store or showed it on a customer’s bike.
  • Prasad was willing to introduce me to fellow riders without me even asking. I requested the same from VST guys but got some lame excuses around customer privacy.
  • Prasad says that Ducati is planning to launch road side assistance within a month or two.
  • We talked about pricing, got the invoice and headed home. I transferred money the next day thats when they started processing.

We returned on 7th July to pick our bike.

  • It was disappointing to see that bike had visible scratches, I was little upset but Prasad and team (Nilesh, Touseef) were prompt to address it. Bike was taken to service shop for polishing and coating.
  • Prasad gave demo of the instrumentation panel, he took 10 mins. That was too less information for me so I kept on bugging him for more info, finally he introduced us to Touseef (tech guy) and he was super awesome.
  • He explained all the parts in detail
    • All tools in toolbox
    • How to check for chain slack, whats the suggested tightness, how to fix it. (also given in owner’s manual)
    • How and where to check for engine oil level, brake oil level, clutch oil, coolant etc
    • How to check whether brake pads are ok or not (also given in owner’s manual)
    • Where are electrical fuses and extras. (also given in owner’s manual)
    • Brake and clutch level adjustment (also given in owner’s manual)
    • How to fix puncture.
  • What I asked them and they missed telling or gave incorrect info
    • I have always used a combination of rear and front brakes for both slowing down and stopping the bike but having no experience with super bikes I was very curious to know if its different here, on asking twice I was told on these bikes we should only use front brakes. Same thing was told to me by Bangalore guys as well. This is not entirely correct. Owner’s manual says ‘ABS controls both wheels, system creates pressure also at the rear calliper when the rider uses only the front brake (combined braking)’ but it also gives a warning ‘Although combine braking is available using the two brake controls separately reduces the motorcycle braking power’ and it suggests to use both breaks. Moreover combined braking only works in ABS level 2 and 3. Level 1 is default in Enduro mode.
    • I confirmed whether there are any warning indicators or lights that will turn on which I should watch for. I was told no but the owner manual does talk about ‘error’ warning lights, break oil light being on + engine check light being on indicating errors.
    • They forgot to tell me how to do steering lock 🙂 I called them when we were parking bike at our apartment.
  • What we got along with the bike
    • Insurance papers, invoice etc
    • owner’s manual, two keys, service booklet
    • Ducati shoulder bag
    • One XL t-shirt (I wear M)
    • One Ducati magazine (Jan 2015 edition)
    • I paid extra for crash guard and radiator guard, both were from touratech.


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